COVID-19 Safety

The V Foundation is committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment at the 2023 V Summit. While the V Foundation cannot guarantee attendees will not become infected with the COVID-19 virus at this event, several measures will be utilized to reduce potential spread.   

Attendees are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines as well as our recommendations to minimize exposure and spread.  

The V Foundation recommends the following safety precautions: 

  • Ensure you are up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations. 
  • Take a rapid COVID test 24 hours prior to departure. Do not attend if you test positive. 
  • If you are exhibiting symptoms related to COVID or an upper respiratory infection, please do not attend or leave the event if you become unwell. Rapid COVID-19 tests will be available upon request at the hotel.  
  • Wear a mask in crowded indoor settings. A limited number of disposable masks will be provided at registration tables. 
  • Wash and clean hands often. Hand sanitizer will be available at registration tables for convenience. 

Post Event Self-monitoring: 

Please self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and contact if you experience COVID-19 symptoms or test positive within 5-7 days post attendance.  While maintaining your privacy, the V foundation pledges to notify attendees of a potential exposure promptly to allow for necessary precautions.

Code of Conduct

The V Foundation for Cancer Research convenes events and meetings that are welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.